Carrefour CEO Georges Plassat, in an interview for French magazine Les Echos, revealed the key enablers and his vision of Carrefour’s future. In summary:

  • Stabilizing Carrefour in Europe has been a priority and an objective despite unfavourable odds. Low inflation rates still challenging.
  • Managing the slowdown in the emerging markets (China, Brazil) requires long term commitment and locally tailored strategies.
  • Balanced mix of formats, in appropriate locations, with the appropriate offer adapted to rapid and fundamental shopper behaviour changes became Carrefour’s key competitive differentiators.
  • Physical stores are critical to the overall business and are mandated incorporate technological solutions while also fostering inter-personal relationships.
  • The acquisition of is sought to help Carrefour catch up in becoming a competitive multi-channel retailer.
  • Price drops are no longer sustainable from the point of view of suppliers and retailers alike. Both are required to innovate continuously and create added value in the retail ecosystem.