Five years after launching the format in Toulouse Leclerc has started revamping its drive network with an emphasis on customer service.

  • The drives will feature a new design employing a bright-orange color scheme, to be deployed on 80% of the network during the next two years.
  • Customers will be welcomed by the drive’s manager and receive a welcome gift or even a free breakfast as part of the retailer’s aim to emphasize the human touch to the service and strengthen the bond with its shoppers.
  • Fruits and vegetables will be presented to customers for their consent on the quality.
  • A drive in Toulouse trials Google Glass to offer staff information about the shopper based on their loyalty card barcode.

The move precedes the planned revamp of Leclerc Drive’s website, scheduled for November 2014 and comes at a time when the format’s organic expansion, for both Leclerc as well as its competitors, has slowed down.

The format is spearheading Leclerc’s development in France and substantially contributes to reaching the retailer’s goal of overcoming Carrefour, the current market leader. The shift in strategy from organic expansion to LFL growth is expected to boost both the current average basket value of EUR 90, as well as the basket size which currently stands at 42 items.