As a major health initiative, Tesco has announced it will launch a 48-hour “hackathon” event in September 2014 to boost consumers to develop strategies for long term improvement in health.

  • Hosted by its innovation arm, Tesco Labs, the event will bring together several web developers, marketers, designers and entrepreneurs to give health improvement ideas across Tesco’s digital, social media and mobile content.
  • In the event, attendees will compete to develop the best solution and companies including Coca-Cola and P&G will have representatives acting as judges & mentors and donating prizes.
    • Attendees will be provided with a anonymised Clubcard data in the run up to the event.
  • Earlier, Tesco has announced to tackle obesity over the past 12 months in which hackathon is a part of the series of activities.
    • To support the initiative, the retailer announced to remove all the confectionery products from its checkouts in May 2014.