The Coopernic buying group is being reborn, one year after breaking up in September 2013 with only Leclerc as a legacy member. Leclerc partnered Delhaize Group and Coop Italia in negotiating contracts with international A brand as well as private label suppliers.

The new Coopernic alliance groups 5,800 stores (grocery and specialized) and cumulates EUR 60 billion in sales for 2013 while its members have a dispersed geographical footprint:

  • Leclerc covers France mainly via hypermarkets and has a small presence in Spain, Portugal and Poland.
  • Coop Italia covers Italy exclusively, mainly in grocery channels.
  • Delhaize Group generates some 60% of its sales in the US while Delhaize Europe accounts for just under 40% of the Group’s revenue. Delhaize Europe spans its supermarket and convenience operations across Belgium (HQ market), Luxembourg, Romania, Serbia and Greece. 


Fig: The geographical footprint of Coopernic (Leclerc, Delhaize Group, Coop Italia)

The former members of Coopernic alliance (Rewe, Conad, Colruyt and Coop Suisse) continued their purchasing alliance under the Core name.