Is there life after a terminated merger for Sainsbury’s and Asda?

25 Apr 2019

By: Derya Guvenc

CMA officially blocked the merger of Sainsbury’s and Walmart’s Asda due to ‘expected price rises, reductions in the quality and range of products available, or a poorer overall shopping experience’.

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Edeka: The Five Slides You Need

25 Apr 2019

By: Howard Lake

The latest key insights and analysis on Germany's leading grocer, Edeka, and how its forward strategy may impact on large and small suppliers as it seeks to leverage its supremacy in Europe's number one market.

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Ingenious innovations and initiatives: March 2019

24 Apr 2019

By: Kantar Research Team

Innovative partnerships and alliances designed to better serve the end consumer were in the spotlight in March as we observed brands and retailers leveraging new expertise to extend their shopper reach or find new ways to engage with their target customer groups.

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Edeka puts suppliers on alert with powerful performance

17 Apr 2019

By: Howard Lake

German market-leader Edeka proved a hard customer at times in 2018, but its results seems to indicate a successful strategy, so what can suppliers expect from this key player as it builds on this latest impressive performance?

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How eCommerce Analytics Will Empower Your Teams in 2019

16 Apr 2019

By: Malcolm Pinkerton

In this latest blog ahead of Kantar’s eCommerce & Digital Strategy Conference on May 15-16, keynote speaker Andrew Pearl, VP Strategy and Insight at Profitero, offers his insight on how analytics is transforming omnichannel and pureplay operational models.

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Bulgarian Lutenica

15 Apr 2019

By: Ray Gaul

Uncovering growth can often entail focusing on needs and trends on a specific local level. Kantar has seen this manifested in the latest developments driving range and assortment in the Balkans.

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The Retail Reveal: Social Commerce - From marketing tool to selling capability

The use of social media as a shopping platform grew by 27 percentage points between 2017-2018, highlighting the growing importance of social media as a retail channel. This edition of The Retail Reveal explores how this trend is changing the rules around engagement and activation, perhaps forever.

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Superdrug: Executive Summary

12 Apr 2019

By: Kelly Petropoulou

AS Watson's UK operation Superdrug has established itself as one of Europe's most evolved and forward-thinking health & beauty retailers. This in-depth overview details how its direction is opening new supplier opportunities in a range of categories.

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Beauty in the UK grocery store

11 Apr 2019

By: Hanna Ryngmark, Derya Guvenc

As existing hero categories near saturation, UK grocery retailers are seeking new growth drivers. This report examines how increasing numbers of operators are using beauty to drive footfall and engagement and examines best-in-class merchandising and activation from stores in the UK and abroad.

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Walmart global Q4 FY 2019 and year-end results and analysis

In Q4 FY 2019, Walmart grew 1.9% with performance buoyed by strong U.S. results but hampered but some intentional global drawdowns with future challenges, both planned and unplanned, on the horizon.

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Mercadona: The Five Slides You Need

10 Apr 2019

By: Howard Lake

Leading Spanish retailer Mercadona's new supplier strategy and other key moves explained in this overview of the #1 customer on the Iberian peninsular.