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Carrefour-Tesco Strategic Alliance: Get ready for a smaller world

13 Jul 2018

By: Derya Yildiz, Tudor Popa

Carrefour and Tesco entered a three-year strategic purchasing partnership spanning across brands, private label and indirect purchasing. In this report, Kantar Consulting examine how suppliers will work with this new global entity under new set of challenges and opportunities.

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Ramadan and Eid 2018: Global retail initiatives

In recognition of Muslims' growing penetration and spending power, more retailers and brands elevated Ramadan and Eid merchandising and promotions this year. Here's an overview of Ramadan retail activity around the world.

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The Evolution of Retail Truths: Identifying the impactful trends behind shopper centricity

11 Jul 2018

By: Malcolm Pinkerton

As retail continues to evolve, the one constant is change. Rather than focusing on the latest trends which will ignite or fade away, adopt a shopper-centric approach focus on how the retail truths are evolving.

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Evolution of retail truths: Identifying the forceful trends behind shopper centricity

This report examines the latest manifestations of the Retail Truths in H1 2018, helping brands to win with shopper centricity.

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Prime Day 2018: What to expect during Amazon’s members-only sales event

10 Jul 2018

By: Meaghan Werle

Prime Day is now a 36-hour event. Consistent with previous Prime Days, Amazon will generate anticipation with media and countdown deals, while using the occasion itself to encourage trial and adoption of its latest initiatives.

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Wimbledon: Strawberries & Cream

Why Strawberries? We believe there are lessons for retailers when competing with other retailers in the analysis AND for suppliers understanding their customers and how to drive footfall with brand

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Retailing in the Week Ahead, Week 28, 2018 - Strawberries & Cream

9 Jul 2018

By: Ray Gaul

Retailing in the Week Ahead, Week 28, 2018 - Annual Strawberry Review - A look at a more complicated environment to sell strawberries in the UK vs last year

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New consumer realities: The evolution of promotional activities

The increasing volume and detail of data harnessed through the consumer lifecycle needs to be fully leveraged to derive meaningful insights. We look at the evolution of promotional initiatives and the growing importance of targeted activities.


The world is getting smaller, pushing Tesco and Carrefour together

2 Jul 2018

By: Derya Yildiz, Tudor Popa

Tesco and Carrefour revealed their intention to form a three-year strategic alliance focused on purchasing. The announcement opens a new chapter in the history of both retailers.

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Ramadan retailing in the UAE: Brick-and-mortar highlights

In stores this year, offers on family packs and bulk buys reigned supreme, while major suppliers creatively leveraged shelf space. We take a look at some of the brick-and-mortar merchandising highlights from Ramadan in the UAE.

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Ramadan retailing in the UAE: Online highlights

Online Ramadan retailing in the UAE varied across channels this year. While grocers did not give the holiday much due, fashion departments stores and eSpecialists did try to customise the experience. Here are some of the online merchandising highlights.