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Royal Wedding Fever: A guide to responsive retailing and “momentizing” strategies

18 May 2018

By: Anusha Couttigane, Tiffany Hogan

How to capitalize on cultural events through social influencers and merchandizing to capture the moment.

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Rossmann: The five slides you need

14 May 2018

By: Hanna Ryngmark

This deck provides the key information you need to understand the basic strategies, initiatives, and financials of Rossmann, the No. 2 health and beauty retailer in Germany.

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Zooming in on shop-in-shops

Shop-in-shops will play an increasingly important role in the retail landscape as they become the premises of cooperation between retailers, retailers and brands, physical and digital, food and non-food, services and products.

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Walmart acquires majority stake in Flipkart: What do you need to know?

Walmart acquire a majority stake in the Indian eCommerce retailer Flipkart, significantly expanding the retailer’s presence in a rapidly-changing, high-potential market. The deal has key immediate- and long-term implications for Walmart as well as for global eCommerce.


‘Retail-iation’: Carrefour and Système U up the game in France

9 May 2018

By: Tudor Popa

By teaming up in France, Carrefour and Systeme U had a role in reshuffling European buying alliances. While the disruption they will cause is bound to send shock waves through the industry, moves like this also spark new thinking, forge new partnerships, and fuel innovation.

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New Retail. What is it, and why should I care?

4 May 2018

By: Malcolm Pinkerton

New Retail, a term coined by Alibaba, is the latest buzz term doing the rounds, but what does it really mean for brands, and how can they achieve it?

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Polish small box retailing on the move: Convenience stores in Poland

3 May 2018

By: Vadim Khetsuriani

Small box proximity grocery stores is the largest, fragmented and complicated channel in Poland. New business models with clearer convenience attributes are picking up.

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Four becomes Three: Decoding the largest merger in UK Retail

2 May 2018

By: Ray Gaul

The merger of J Sainsbury plc and Asda will create a new market leader in the UK, empowered by the global procurement power of Walmart International.

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J Sainsbury plc acquires rival Asda from Walmart International: What does it mean, what comes next?

2 May 2018

By: Derya Yildiz

J Sainsbury plc announced its merger with Asda of Walmart International. In this report, Kantar Consulting examines what the merger means for suppliers, and what it could bring to the UK retail scene in the future.

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Amazon’s impressive International Q1 Results: What to expect next

1 May 2018

By: Alvaro Morilla

Amazon never ceases to impress us analysts. They’re one of the most interesting and vibrant business to study. After a record breaking holiday season, Amazon posted a massive 43% growth to USD51 Billion. Here we give a closer look at Amazon’s impressive International results

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Fashion revolution week: Ethical fashion in the spotlight

27 Apr 2018

By: Anusha Couttigane

With Fashion Revolution Week in full thrust, discover the key initiatives that fashion retailers around the world are taking to boost their rating in the annual Fashion Transparency Index and key strategies for improving sustainability and ethical practices.