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Summary Slides

Summary Slides

Direct-To-Consumer (DTC): Implementing DTC as a key part of your eCom strategy

21 Sep 2018

By: Kantar Consulting Research Team.  15 Slides

To establish a successful DTC business, brands must understand the importance of having a differentiated product offering with a margin that allows them to capture retailer mark-ups. This can be achieved through a unique product offering and a more premium version exclusive to the brand website.

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The state of the pro contractor shopper

14 Sep 2018

By: Hannah Hayes.  13 Slides

For the fourth year, Kantar Consulting conducted a survey of pro contractors to parse the preferences and habits of this significant customer group. In this survey, we were interested in learning more about how pros are using Amazon and trends shaping their shopping expectations and preferences.

Five Slides

Carrefour Group - The five slides you need

10 Sep 2018

By: Tudor Popa.  8 Slides

Check out Kantar Consulting’s overview of Carrefour Group for a SWOT analysis, shopper profile, financial review, summary of key initiatives, and supplier implications.

Walking the Box

Home Depot: Walking the box

5 Sep 2018

By: Hannah Hayes.  14 Slides

Home Depot’s curated assortment in stores builds its brand as a home expert, while its emphasis on in-house services, the pro shopper, and interconnected operations is prominent as the retailer continues its three-year, strategic investment plan.

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Madrid: A Case Study Of How Retail Is Moving From Distance To Speed Based Catchment Areas

3 Sep 2018

By: Kantar Consulting Research Team.  18 Slides

Here Kantar Consulting look at the biggest changes retailers are making in speed based catchment areas, using Madrid as a case study, and what it means for suppliers as they start to move from City/urban strategies toward speed based strategies.

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Event Presentations

Summary Slides

Achieving eCommerce excellence in Canada

21 Sep 2018

By: Malcolm Pinkerton.  57 Slides

Taking learnings from around the world of those on the cutting edge of eCommerce, we will define the opportunities and implications for brands and explore what it takes to continuously deliver eCommerce excellence.

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Driving content and visibility online

21 Sep 2018

By: Alice Fournier.  38 Slides

In this session, you will learn the essentials of online content drivers, along with how to elevate those elements and provide shoppers with a strong experience that converts them to buyers.

Summary Slides

Grocery eCommerce: Learnings from Europe

21 Sep 2018

By: Malcolm Pinkerton.  41 Slides

As eCommerce gains traction within a market, shopper demand for conducting a full grocery shop online increases. This demand presents retailers with the headache of creating solutions that meet expectations and ensure competitiveness without eroding margin.

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Understanding the Amazon juggernaut: Impact and implications

21 Sep 2018

By: Malcolm Pinkerton.  35 Slides

This session will provide a full update on the retailer’s strategic objectives, identifying the key priorities for brands to maximize growth potential, while revealing the role they can play in helping Amazon become the “everything store.

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Mastering marketplaces: Challenges and opportunities of the 3P world

15 Jun 2018

By: Alice Fournier, Christina Anderson.  38 Slides

The marketplace model has emerged as a formidable force globally. Many top retailers are operating marketplaces of varying sizes, allowing sellers of all types to continue to emerge and scale and making the landscape increasingly complex.

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Webinar Presentations


Digital Retailing Webinar: Online grocery moves to mainstream - How to further elevate the offer

20 Sep 2018, 11:00 AM EDT

Online grocery in the U.S. has arrived. No longer a fringe capability, retailers like Walmart, Kroger, and Amazon are investing heavily in their online grocery proposition. With key services and infrastructure established, the focus is now on how to differentiate key platforms and capture new trip types. Join Kantar Consulting to prepare for the next wave of online grocery innovation. As part of this webinar, we will: Understand recent fulfillment shifts and emerging players across ...


Digital Retailing Webinar: Defining your Prime position: How to capitalize on Amazon’s key audience

25 Jul 2018, 11:00 AM EDT

With Prime now reaching nearly half of U.S. households, Amazon’s membership program is moving mainstream. To resonate with this massive audience, brands must align with Amazon’s efforts and develop a Prime strategy. Join Kantar Consulting to learn more about Prime’s evolution and best practices for partnering with Amazon. As part of the discussion, we will: Assess Prime member shopping behavior and engagement across the ecosystem Consider Amazon’s recent initiatives ...


Digital Retailing Webinar - Social commerce: Capitalizing on today’s key platform

24 May 2018, 11:00 AM EDT

With major U.S. social platforms introducing new retail capabilities, social media is quickly moving down the purchase funnel. By expanding beyond brand building to support conversion, these platforms are better enabling retailers and suppliers to move shoppers from inspiration to purchase. As shoppers, especially Centennials, increasingly turn to social sites for shopping, brands need to ensure that they have a shoppable presence across these digital touchpoints. Join Kantar Consulting ...


Digital Retailing Webinar - U.S. Omnichannel Review: Assessing Key Shifts in Fulfillment

22 Mar 2018, 11:00 AM EDT

As shoppers’ expectations for convenience continue to escalate, retailers across the board are investing in fulfillment to better serve shoppers how and where they want to shop. By partnering with third-party providers, acquiring last-mile logistics companies, or building capabilities in-house, retailers are broadening their fulfillment options to provide shoppers with greater immediacy and flexibility. At the same time, recent innovation, such as Amazon Key, further disrupts the way ...


Digital Retailing Webinar: Planning For the New Retail Digital Will Usher in the New Year

25 Jan 2018, 11:00 AM EST

In the U.S., 2017 saw digital reach continue to escalate across touchpoints. In turn, we are entering an era of "New Retail," in which shoppers experience an ever-more seamless connection between online and offline. This evolving retail environment demands new skill sets from retailers and manufacturers alike. Join Kantar Retail as we reflect on the elevation of omnichannel in 2017, how this trend manifested during the holiday season, and expectations for its evolution throughout 2018. As ...

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